Who We Are

The United Triennium Institution (Triennium Elevators)

About Triennium

A pioneering national company that works in the fields of electric and private household elevators.

Our specialty does not stem from ourselves but from the hearts and minds of those who interacted with the company. The good product and the special service announce themselves. We draw the profit of our hardworking from the reactions of our clients because at the end, our goal is for people to talk about our expertness credibility.

We made it to the Saudi market in 2012, with the priority of aiding it with high experience and special services so that the market lays off the foreign markets.


We provided an economical and humanistic aid to be able to express our hopes. It is our responsibility to put organized work mechanisms and scientific plans that keep up with the global technology that is specialized in electric elevators in order to provide a product that is reachable within our community and has the same efficiency as that of global companies.

We have a long market history in the world of elevators and we spent many years proceeding in what we started with persistency and effort to keep up with the continuous development in elevators systems. We provided the newest tools and machines; we worked on bringing the best work experience and putting it with the business classes. We made sure that the engineers and technicians of the institution are a priority in every conference and training course in any country in the world so that they bring the technology of elevators.

We are specialists in installing and supplying global elevators. We are the only exclusive representative of the Swedish elevators (KALEA) in the western area. We are an authorized representative of FUJI HD elevators. We also install and supply high quality, Italian elevators with competitive prices.

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